3 Things You Own That Should Be Insured

You already know that you should have homeowners insurance and auto insurance, but did you know that there are plenty of other things that you own that might not be fully protected under these policies? If you have any of these three things, talk to an agent about getting the right Connecticut insurance to protect against loss or damage.

Boats and Watercraft

Water skiing, fishing, and spending time out in the sun are fun, but leaving your boats and watercraft unprotected can quickly lead to disaster. Even the most careful boaters occasionally have accidents and other unforeseen events, so having Connecticut insurance to cover your boats will give you peace of mind to enjoy your time on the open water. Generally this coverage would include:

  • Liability for injury or damage to another boat or other property
  • Full coverage to replace your boat in case of an accident
  • Coverage for external items, such as trailers, rigging, and machinery
  • Protection for personal items, such as water skiing gear or fishing equipment

Off-Road Vehicles

There are plenty of obstacles out in nature, which is part of what makes off-road vehicles so much fun. But the wrong time to worry about whether you’re covered is after you crash into a tree or a big rock. Protecting your all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, side-by-sides, and 4-wheel drive vehicles with the right insurance coverage lets you focus on having fun.


During Connecticut winters there is no better way to get outside and enjoy nature than on a snowmobile. Whether you prefer to ride solo, with friends, or with the whole family, you want to be protected from bodily injury, property damage, collisions, medical expenses, and other potential risks when you have snowmobile insurance. Having fun in the outdoors with all your toys is great, but protecting your vehicles (and yourself) against the risks that exist can help you enjoy the outdoors even more.


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