3 Reasons to Consider Dog Bite Insurance

This year, over four million Americans will be bitten by dogs, and roughly half of those bites will take place on the dog owner’s property. While no one likes to think of man’s best friend acting out, the risk to dog owners is great. There are three main reasons to buy dog bite homeowners insurance.

1. Financial Risk

Homeowners pay a pretty penny for insurance each year, but many home insurance policies do not cover injuries caused by dogs. Canine liability insurance covers the gaps in your insurance policy to ensure you are financially protected in the unfortunate event of a dog attack.

2. Community Breed Restrictions

Many housing communities will not allow large or “aggressive” breeds without guarantee of financial protection. Dog bite homeowners insurance can often insure even the most discriminated-against dog breeds so you can live in the community of your choice. Property management companies may also be added as insured entities.

3. Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, you know your dog is a sweetheart, but you shouldn’t have to live in fear of what could happen in an unexpected scenario. This additional liability coverage means confidence for you and freer adventures for your dog.

Liability insurance is rarely considered until you need it, but the saying is true. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If something goes wrong and your sweet pup does the unthinkable, dog bite homeowners insurance makes sure you’re covered.



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