3 Facts About Malpractice Insurance Everyone Should Know

If operate a business, you’ve probably heard about malpractice insurance, sometimes referred to as professional liability insurance. Many people don’t know the facts about malpractice insurance and therefore don’t know whether they need it for their business or not. Here are three things to know that can help you decide if you need malpractice insurance in Pennsylvania.

1. It’s Not Just for Doctors

When most people think of malpractice insurance, they think it is solely for doctors and other medical professionals. The truth is that many professions have a need for it. Engineers, architects, lawyers, accountants and nurses are just some of the people that may face malpractice lawsuits.

2. You’re Liable for More Than Just Errors

A common misconception is that malpractice claims result only from direct errors made by high-level professionals. In reality, omissions, negligence and incorrect advice by anyone involved in providing a service can be classified as malpractice.

3. General Liability Policies Don’t Help

You may think that because you have general liability insurance for your business, you don’t need to worry about malpractice claims. However, malpractice is not covered by most general liability policies, so passing on malpractice insurance could lead to seriously legal repercussions.

Understanding malpractice insurance in Pennsylvania is important if you want ensure your business is protected. It may be wise to talk to an insurance agency about the options available to you.



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